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Caregiver Tennessee serves elderly, physically disabled, and/or intellectually or developmentally disabled adults through programs tailored to the individual and his or her situation and supports

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Caregiver treats me like I am a king.

Welcome to Caregiver Tennessee

In November 2017, Caregiver Tennessee acquired Omni Support Services, the adult IDD division of Omni Visions.


We strive to provide the highest quality of services and supports that maximize independence, that embrace the talents and strengths of the person, that promotes choice, freedom and dignity, and enables people to live meaningful lives in their homes and in their community.

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We believe in recruiting, training and developing the best people to support the individuals we serve; enabling them with tools and technology to provide individualized supports. 

We care deeply about the people we serve and strive to serve their unique goals and dreams.

We work with integrity, accountability, transparency, and compassion in everything we do, because we understand those we serve have a choice in providers.

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Supporting hundreds of Special Olympic Athletes

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